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These services include (but not limited to) the following checks and compliance:


  • Inspect all gearbox oil/lube reservoirs levels and report any leakage.

  • Inspect sheaves, drums, wheels, and bearings for general condition and leakage.

  • Inspect wire rope for any signs of damage, i.e. broken strands, check reeving and anchor points.

  • Inspect hook block for wear, structural damage, sheave (rifling) and safety catch.

  • Inspect external parts of bridge, hoist, trolley, framework, catwalks and handrails.

  • For any damage, loose bolts, and welds.

  • Full function test of crane to identify any current or possible future malfunctions.

  • Full inspection of control panels.

  • Checking switchgear, transformers, and all components.

  • Inspect all safety devices, limits and load limiting devices.

  • Inspect all motors, couplings, and associated wiring for any wear and/or overheating.

  • Inspect all brakes, electrical and mechanicals.

  • Inspect all bus bar and collectors for wear.

  • Inspect visual structure, rails, hook bolts, runways, columns, tie backs and end stops.

  • Any non-compliant or worn items will be brought to clients attention, either an immediate repair or follow up quote and plan, to work in with clients’ needs.

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