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If it’s deemed that your existing overhead crane no longer suits your requirements, or there’s a change in the designed working period, Statewide Overhead Crane Services can offer a range of options which will improve production and the cranes’ reliability. It usually works out very cost effective to upgrade your existing equipment, than replacing the whole crane.

At Statewide Overhead Crane Services, we specialise in the following:

  • Long travel speed upgrades.

  • Wheel block installations.

  • Hoist replacements.

  • Hoist speed upgrades.

  • Variable speed drives.

  • Remote control installations.

  • Bus bar replacements and upgrades.

  • Rail repair and extensions.

  • End carriage replacement.

  • Load displays.



We offer replacement (new and reconditioned), Wire Rope Hoists and Chain Hoists to fit your Single Girder or Double Girder Crane, with a wide range of specifications, and duty clauses to suit customers individual requirements.


Motorised wheel blocks

We supply wheels and wheel blocks to replace worn end carriage wheels and motor gear boxes.

These can be fitted to existing end carriages to minimise costs and downtime to your crane.


Radio remote controls

We can retro fit radio remote controls to your existing Overhead Cranes, Jib Cranes and Hoist units.


Inverter Units – (Variable speed drive)

We can upgrade single speed Hoist, cross travel and long travel motions to give smooth variable speed control.

Other benefits include reduced load sway and reduced brake wear, and possible increased life span to wheels and motor gear boxes.

Anti-collision Device – (collision avoidance systems)

We offer various types of collision avoidance systems, including infrared, laser, and radio signal technology.

Each system allows cranes to be set at a specific distance apart, and stops them coming within the set parameters.

Power Supply Systems

We can supply and upgrade power supply systems. These include 4 bar insulated conductor systems up to 200 amp, enclosed conductor system, motorised and spring operated cable reeling drum, and cable festoon systems.

​Travel Limit Devices

We can offer limit devices to hoist motion, cross travel motion and long travel motions of the crane.

This can be a slow down limit or dead stop type limit.

Where required, we can fit zone limiting devices to keep the crane from travelling into a specific area of the workshop.

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