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Statewide Overhead Crane Services are a member of Advanced Safety Systems Australia, (ASSA). This partnership maintains that we are kept at the forefront of any changes in laws and requirements, throughout industry.

ASSA leads the industry with its innovative solutions to Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (OHSE) issues, with work safe practises.

Apart from the comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety system provided, our membership with ASSA covers workplace inductions, employee relations, training, and recruitment specifically, as they relate to:

  • OHS procedures.

  • OHS legislation.

  • Safety in the workplace.

  • OHS regulations.

  • Workplace policy.

  • Workplace safety.

  • Safe-work procedures.


To ensure this, we set minimum requirements for every employee as follows:

  • Commitment to Statewide Overhead Crane Services safety policy.

  • Compliance with Australian Legislation.

  • Job safety analysis carried out for every task.

  • Employee occupational safety obligations clearly stated.

  • Occupational safety objectives set at each level.

  • All technicians trained in risk assessment procedures.

  • HSE training for all employees.

  • Appropriate PPE for all employees.

  • Accident reporting systems in place.

  • Monitoring and reporting of incidents and accidents.

  • Near miss incident reporting system in place.

  • Safety Observations regularly conducted by all personnel.


  • All employees / subcontractors receive occupational safety training.

  • We see consultation and participation as key factors in OHES.

  • We encourage all SOCS employees to offer suggestions to improve safety.

  • We provide services, information and guidance on procedures and rules.

  • Everyone at SOCS knows what to do in emergency situations.

  • A strong system of monitoring and reporting.

  • Accident and incident follow up and investigation information provided.

  • Near miss incident reporting procedures are in place.

  • Regular auditing, resulting from existing objectives .


All OH & S policies are available on request.

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